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  3. I am selling the aps manually at the moment. I've sent you a pm on how to purchase it.
  4. Yes, it is still for sale. I am selling the aps manually at the moment. I've sent you a pm on how to purchase it.
  5. Hello. I am interested in this application, but I don't see the buy button. Is it still for sale?
  6. A new version of the app has been released that is compatible with Ipb 4.7 and php 8. Members who have purchased the previous version of the app from the Marketplace, that was not compatible with Ipb 4.7. and php8, can purchase the new version for half price, 10 euro.
  7. Many times new and inexperienced members have asked me to post something useful they have but didn't dare to post it themselves. The Change Author is something useful for this. Members will not see I posted the topic, and all credits and reputations will go to the member as he/she is the one who deserves it.
  8. I've sent you a pm on how to buy it.
  9. I'm interested in purchasing this addon. It was recommended in a post I had on invision forums here: https://www.yourforumservices.com/index.php?/topic/31-scheduled-posts-system/#comment-35
  10. That is the wrong page. I meant the settings page of the app. The one when editing a forum as shown in the first screenshot in this topic.
  11. Did you set the permissions accordingly for the groups that you want to use the prefilled topics? Can you please post a screenshot of the apps settings page?
  12. Can you please tell me what is it that you are trying to show?
  13. Can any other users of this application confirm if they are able to use it with a Cronjob? Also, may I ask what server environment you are using?
  14. No, the previous version, as you mentioned, it's something with my set-up. It's just strange how it stopped working. I did wonder if the 'Live Topics' interfered with it, as I did notice it stopped after I had set a discussion live. Yet, I think that's more a coincidence.
  15. Yes, the app makes use of the Task Manager and it adds its own task. At your request, I've sent you another package where the task runs every 5 minutes. Is that when the task stopped running for you?
  16. Do you use a cron job here? As I mentioned, I set up some posts and it worked flawlessly. Then after I updated the app, where the task ran every 10 minutes. It suddenly stopped. Now, I have to do it manually for it to work. I tried setting up a cronjob to see if this could make it work more reliable, it seems to be setup as the tasks run but nothing goes live. I have change the method to run against the traffic but still nothing. 😞
  17. Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. Right now I don't have a license for the blogs and the pages, but I've made a note of this for later on when I will upgrade my license. And you are right, that would best done as a stand alone as it can't be added in the current add on.
  18. I have shown this to a few of my community members. They're all impressed. One thing that came up, is the ability to leave comments in other areas. Which, I think perhaps you might consider at a later date as an add-on to this app? The ability to post to a database (IP.Pages) content, blogs, downloads, etc would take this to a whole new level. If you did, I would have no problem paying for the add-on as I don't think it should be requested under this app as it stands. Yet, I think you may get a lot more sales with this and any potential add-ons. Something to pitch and think on. 🙂
  19. I've replied to your pm on this. On a side note, the app has been updated that now it checks for secondary groups permissions as well.
  20. I want to create simple jobs, like automatically scheduling a post every X in hour Y X=day y=hour It requires custom work i believe. Please quote me in private if you are willing to do it.
  21. My app has nothing to do with that part. It only scheduled posts for a topic and/or topics. You can schedule a post to any topic using to be published on whatever date you select. I've this app in use here on this forum, so you can give it a try to see how it looks like when used. You can schedule posts by clicking the Scheduled Posts link in the Navigation Bar.
  22. Hi, It's a very interesting app. To open a new topic in my forum, the user needs to insert mandatory text data in fields from another app like https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8200-template-system/ Does the app can handle this? Can the app schedule recursive different pre-made content with different topic text for each day? For example - Every Sunday - date X Every Monday - date y Every Tuesday -date w and so on..
  23. I have made a note of this for the next version.
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