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  • This app will give the members at your forum the possibility to give karma ratings to each other. Karma ratings are positive,neutral and negative. 
  • You can set the permissions for groups to use it on a group per group basis. After a member has received a karma rating, they will receive a notification letting them know about it. The karma notification can be enabled/disabled from members notification settings page.
  • Members can view their karma ratings that they have received on their profiles, where a new tab called Karma has been added.
  • Members can also view the karma ratings that they have given to other members by clicking the arma I Have Given link on their drop down member links.
  • A new page containing all the karma ratings has been added linked to the navigation bar. You can decide as to which groups can access and view it.
  • Members can search for karma ratings at the log page based on ratings given/received by members, comments and time frame. 
  • Karma ratings can be filtered based on positive, neutral and negative ratings.
  • Users can display the results in a descending/ascending order.
  • Members can delete their own given, received and/or all karma ratings based on their group permissions.
  • Members can be protected from receiving negative karma based on their group permissions.
  • Members can give more than one karma to the same member based on their group permissions.
  • Members can give only a certain number of karma ratings based on their group permissions.
  • Admins can prevent banned members from receiving karma ratings.
  • 4 karma widgets are available. Most Recent Karma, Most Positive Karma, Most Neutral Karma and Most Negative Karma.
  • Karma stats can be shown on members profiles and postbits. Both options can be enabled/disabled from the app 's settings page.
  • Admins can view members karma history from their history page.
  • Whenever someone is deleting a karma rating, that action will be logged at the Moderators log page.
  • A Chart Stats page showing the karma activity is available in the Stats page of the App 's settings.



























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  • 4 weeks later...
11 hours ago, Steph40 said:


I have a simple question, how do I buy?

Can't see a buy button.

Thank you.

I am selling the aps manually at the moment. I've sent you a pm.

11 hours ago, Steph40 said:

Oh yeah and also does it show on every post?

No, it doesn't show on posts at all. This is for profiles only. 

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  • 2 months later...
On 11/14/2023 at 11:13 PM, Hispano said:

Hello. I am interested in this application, but I don't see the buy button. Is it still for sale?

Yes, it is still for sale. I am selling the aps manually at the moment. I've sent you a pm on how to purchase it.

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